I am unable to sync my handheld, what should I do?

1. Make sure the sync server is running on the server computer by running the “Sync Monitor” or the “Sync Server”.


2. If the handhelds are syncing via Wi-Fi or GSM (3G or 4G), check the internet connectivity on the server by browsing any website in Internet Explorer on the PC.

3. Check the following configurations on the handheld:


If you are syncing via a USB cable:

1. Ensure that the handheld is properly connected to the computer and that the connection status display as “Connected”.


If you are syncing via Wi-Fi:

1. Ensure that the handheld is connected to Wi-Fi and that you have the correct IP address of the server computer in the Mobileezy “Server Addresses” list.

2. Check this by tapping “Syncronisation”,  “Server Setup” and then “Server Addresses”.

3. If the IP address is incorrect, then add it by typing in the IP address and then tapping “Add”.

4. If you are not sure if your IP address is correct, you can find out what it is by following the steps below:


To find the Server (PC) IP address:

1. Open cmd on your desktop (you can find this by typing in cmd in the Start menu search box). Type the “ipconfig” command in the command line of cmd on your desktop and press “Enter”.


The following error has appeared when trying to sync, what do I do?

This error only applies to Android and IOS (Apple) based handhelds devices when trying to sync:

This error will only pop up on the handheld if you are trying to sync and Mobileezy can not find the server (PC). This only happens on the older versions of Mobileezy. This issue can be fixed by following the below steps:

1. Ensure that the handheld is properly connected to Wi-Fi or Internet and has the right IP address of the Server in the Server Addresses list.

2. Upgrade to the latest Mobilezy version.


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