Sometimes we suggest customers do an upgrade and the response is "What do you mean?" Basically, a Mobileezy upgrade means to install the latest version of Mobileezy that we've developed. This simple upgrade process - which is often based on feedback we've received from customers - will provide you with an improved version of the software which includes providing you with new functionalities, bug fixes and a number of enhancements from the previous version.

Why and when do we need to do it?

Good question! We recommend keeping up to date with upgrades as it allows us to fix any bugs you may have, provide you with new features and ultimately give you improved functionality of Mobileezy - which will benefit your day-to-day operations.  

If you come across a bug or a problem in Mobileezy desktop or handheld software functionality, please report it immediately to Mobileezy support and follow the instructions given by the Mobileezy Support team.

The Mobileezy update application should be checked once a month to see if there are any upgrades available. Alternatively, keep an eye on our monthly newsletter where we report on a new version release.

How to upgrade Mobileezy version on your Desktop/Server?

Note: Before upgrading the Desktop version, make sure you do a backup of your Mobileezy data file.

      1.  Ensure that all Mobileezy applications such as the Desktop, DOES and reports are closed.

      2.  ‘Run Mobileezy v7 Updater’ to upgrade the Mobileezy version on the server computer first and then do the same on the rest of the computers. 

3.  Click on ‘Yes’ and tick the check box to accept the Licence Agreement. Then press the ‘Install’ button to proceed.








4.   Press ‘Finish’ to complete the upgrade. It will then automatically Run Mobileezy Desktop.









If in doubt, or if you run into complications, don't hesitate to contact the Anigo support team on or call us on +61 (3) 9548 9114.