Mobileezy provides business functions that connect those out on the road to those in the office - and vice versa. Is it time to move those functions to 'The Cloud'?

Mobileezy is desktop software and the backend accounting systems it connects to have always been on the desktop too, or at least on a server in the office. This can present some challenges in getting a reliable connection to devices on the road. There might be some advantages in at least moving the connection piece, the synchronisation server, out of the office and in to the cloud.


Backend accounting systems have been moving into the cloud too. Since my article on this subject just over 12 months ago, MYOB has completed its API, and Mobileezy now connects to both the MYOB API and to Xero. We have other API projects in the works including Reckon Accounts and Netsuite. So, yes things are moving!


The key question to my mind is whether businesses are also moving their core systems into the cloud. Are they using Outlook or moving to Gmail? Are they using Word and Excel for their sales proposals and financial calculations, or are they moving to Google for those too? We find it hard to be sure, but we think that most businesses are going to keep using a Windows desktop for most of their routine business functions, and wherever that desktop goes, Mobileezy will go too.


However, saying that, Mobileezy is in the process of moving key parts of its infrastructure to the cloud. We have selected Microsoft Azure for our cloud platform of choice, simply because of the range of services offered, the compatibility with our existing software and the competitive pricing. We also have customers using a local hosting company (Habitat3) to provide their desktop software and to run Mobileezy.


So is it time? We think that as long as businesses are running their core systems on in-house Windows desktops, and as long as businesses are maintaining their own servers, Mobileezy should stay where it is. As businesses move their core systems to the cloud, Mobileezy will be there too. We're ready when you are.