Winter is coming...

The first Newsletter of the year with Easter already over!  As the silly season and summer is behind us and we're moving into winter it's a good time to reflect on the year behind and to think about how we can improve things for the next year.  Did we do everything to the best of our ability?  Are there changes we can make to run things more smoothly? Is it time to change systems and processes?  Or is everything perfect?


If you are in the last category - Congratulations!  Pat yourself on the back - the rest of us are envious.  If you're thinking about changing things up, improving your business, streamlining your operations and generally tightening the screws perhaps mobile software is on the agenda?  It could certainly help - but then again, we're in the business of software so we may be a little biased!


Our customers tell us Mobileezy software has improved their operations significantly.  Moving from manual systems to automated invoicing, pricing, runlists and stock management makes the business run more smoothly.  It helps to reduce mistakes, improve customer service and presents a professional front.  Better yet, it gives you time to focus on growing the business, introducing new products or  improve marketing of what you already have.  Or perhaps it just leaves you more time for you! 


So as the winter slow down approaches, consider the changes you might make in your business to make next years silly season easier to negotiate.  What can you do now to give future you a bit of a break?  You may have some time right now, so use it wisely.  You know the busy season will be upon us sooner than we realise.