The Xero accounting system has come to the forefront recently as a strong performer in the cloud-based accounting system space. Xero is providing a monthly SaaS model for small businesses to move their accounting activities into the cloud. I'm always surprised when I hear that businesses are willing to hand their valuable accounting data to an external provider and then pay a monthly fee to access it, but this appears to be the way of the world. 
Over the past 18 months we've received numerous enquiries regarding a Mobileezy to Xero integration - but have held off until now. It's not here yet, but it's definitely on its way. Mobileezy is actively working on integrating with Xero and we'll be looking for Beta testers in the near future.

Stay tuned to the Newsletter for future updates.

If you are interested in in joining in on the testing phase of Xero, please contact us at or +61 (0) 3 9548 9114 to talk about the process and incentives involved.