The end of the year is upon us again and there's no better time to look at where we are and where we plan to be 'moving forward', as they say.

A year ago I wrote about our plans, and I have to say with some measure of satisfaction that we did everything we promised - and then some. We completed our backend integration with Xero as well as the cloud versions of MYOB, and plan to do the same with QuickBooks in the near future. We produced a fully native version of our Mobileezy handheld software on Android, which is available through the Google Play Store, and we integrated mapping, email and barcode scanning.



We fixed a lot of bugs, we made vast improvements in installation and update, and we now have a relay server for synchronisation running in the cloud, which solves any firewall problems.

And, we're running on Azure, as it happens. This is Microsoft's platform for web services, hosting, virtual machines and more. We've been very impressed by how well it works, and we'll be using it more in the future to support our cloud-based services.

Our major achievement for the year, however, was the release of Mobileezy8 - which is aimed at smaller businesses - and making it available to customers on a rental model. It brings together the Android version, cloud synchronisation, a new desktop home screen, SQL database and self-installation for new customers to 'try before you buy'. We've done a lot of work on fixing bugs and improving stability so that most customers with less demanding needs will be able to manage with just occasional email support.

Of course, our existing customers are encouraged to download and try it out, but rest assured that Version 7 will be with us for a long time to come, with full support for Enterprise customers and the customised modules they depend on.

There are still a few things we want to address: we intend to make Mobileezy even easier to install and maintain and even better integrated with the cloud; we plan to add route tracking; and we need to improve the barcode scanning and the printing of dockets and invoices.

As always the best guide to what we should focus on is what our existing or future customers ask from us, and rest assured that we will be listening! Please drop us a line at any time. And enjoy the holiday season - I am sure we shall.