Beverage sales are made easy with Mobileezy.

Products need to be on the shelves in order for them to be sold to customers.

With Mobileezy, orders can be taken by sales reps in the field or staff in the office and shipped to the customer on the same or next day. In busy periods, beverage stock levels can be quickly boosted.

Your Problem

Maintaining records of use-by-date and batch numbers for HACCP compliance is a difficult task when it’s done manually.

Turn-around time from order to delivery is slowing the business down, as sales rep orders must be returned to the office and entered into the system before goods can be shipped from the warehouse.

Calculating the number of total items when selling products by the box can slow the sale down and result in costly mistakes.

Manual order processing is time consuming and mistakes in accuracy can be costly.

Sales rep calling cards are inefficient and may be incorrect if not kept up to date with prices, purchasing history, contacts and notes.

Sales made to customers owing money or on credit hold can be difficult to prevent and cost the business money.

Beverage sales can be lost if the sales rep doesn't know the customer's purchase history.

Our Solution

Mobileezy manages batch numbers and use-by dates on products, making it easy to maintain HACCP compliance.

With Mobileezy, the data entry step is eliminated, orders are received immediately, and a 24-hour turn around on deliveries can be achieved.

Mobileezy keeps track of multiple barcodes for a single item.  Scanning the outer barcode automatically calculates the quantity and price of its contents for the sale.

The data entry step is removed with Mobileezy – sales are entered directly into the system by the sales rep during order taking.

Calling cards are eliminated with Mobileezy – any changes to customer data is automatically updated on the sales rep's handheld.

Using Mobileezy, and updated account balance is visible to the sales rep. A new sale can be prevented, or money can be collected from site.

Mobileezy puts the customer's sales history and usual product purchases in the hand of the sales rep.