Mobileezy and mobile food vans are a perfect combination. Keeping accurate records in a fast paced environment is hard to do at the best of times. With hungry workers on short breaks the problem is compounded in the mobile food van environment. With Mobileezy, transaction speeds are reduced. Customers are served faster and the amount of time spent at each location is reduced. Furthermore, Mobileezy will improve stock management and the accuracy of cash collections.


Your Problem

Keeping accurate track of stock on mobile food vans is difficult. 

Without accurate and daily stocktakes, stocking the vans can be guesswork.

Making multiple small sales quickly is essential to making profits.

Keeping an eye on customers is important to minimise product theft.

It is essential that the business owner knows how much should be in the till at the end of the day.

Calculating correct change in a fast-paced environment can lead to errors.

Without accurate records it’s impossible to reconcile cash collected with product sales.

Recording product sales manually slows down the sales processes.

Knowing which customer to visit and when can be time consuming but is essential for business success.

Our Solution

Mobileezy keeps track of stock levels and identifies losses.

With Mobileezy, stocktakes can be done every evening so that restock quantities are known.

Mobileezy uses barcodes to quickly processes multiple small sales.

Using Mobileezy, the salesperson is not restricted to a cash register so customers can easily be monitored.

With Mobileezy, handheld reports are compared with cash collected making it simple to know whether the right amount has been collected.

Mobileezy automatically calculates the sales total and the quantity of change required.

Mobileezy records every sale made so that at the end of the day cash collected is reconciled against van sales' reports. 

By automating the sales process, Mobileezy makes recording product sales simple and paperless.

Mobileezy keeps track of customer visits providing daily run lists for van location visits and ad hoc daily run schedules.