Mobileezy is a sound solution for vending machine refilling. The driver records product sales and cash collected at each machine before picking stock from his van and refilling it. The machine is refilled quickly and the driver is free to go to the next site. Over time, Mobileezy gives you the information you need to make important decisions about the direction of your vending business. Mobileezy will allow you to monitor which machines and locations are performing well and which lines to swap out to increase your profits. Mobileezy will help you grow your vending business.


Your Problem

Keeping machines stocked with the right products is necessary for success, but is often based on guesswork. 

Knowing what sells well at different times of the year is important for making sure that machines are stocked with the preferred items.

Keeping track of which products are stocked in each machine can be difficult especially when using paper records.

Forecasting the amount of stock required is essential in maintaining machine stock levels, purchasing when prices are low and avoiding items passing use by dates.

Know which products move quickly and which don’t is critical in keeping machines stocked with preferred items.

Knowing which machines are not performing well and when to move or sell them is often down to guesswork.

Never running out of stock is critical to maximising profits in a vending machine.

Filling a machine with product that has short shelf life leads to wastage.

Our Solution

Mobileezy removes guesswork by tracking products that sell well and their locations

Mobileezy helps analyse product trends so that machines can be stocked according to seasonal preferences.

Mobileezy keeps track of products stocked in every bay of every machine, monitoring the sales of products down to the individual bay.

Mobileezy makes it easy to forecast stock requirements by using machine stocking levels and historic sales data.

Easily identify slow moving products with Mobileezy and swap them out on the next visit.

By using Mobileezy, individual machine performance is monitored making it easy to identify machines that are performing poorly.

Mobileezy allows the machine refill level to be altered on the handheld if an empty bay is encountered during a service.

Mobileezy records machine and bay restock levels. Keeping restock levels low for short-life products allows for minimal wastage.