"In 2004, we desperately required a robust solution for our on-site technicians to track their billable hours and parts, and to generate accurate invoices for our 7000+ clients without wasting billable time by returning to our office to sync. The Mobileezy Business software is well suited to our business needs. We’ve been using Mobileezy for around seven years and it has allowed us to considerably reduce our invoicing windows, accuracy and most importantly, payment times.

Mobileezy improved our cash flow by typically 30-45 days, and enabled us to reduce our administration staffing requirements by 4/5. One feature that has been very helpful is the ability to record invoices where mobile reception has been lacking. The other aspect we like is that the software enables us to help track staff movements and billing inconsistencies. In the last seven years, I've been impressed with the reliability of the product and the no-nonsense approach and service we've received from Anigo Systems.

I would highly recommend Mobileezy to anyone needing to generate on-site invoices which synchronise effortlessly to MYOB".

Joshua Leisk,
Software Resolution: 

Mobileezy Business