The Consignment Module manages the sale of your stock that is not sold upfront to the seller.

Increase the efficiency of your consignment process with software to automatically determine sales, track stock and generate invoices at the point of stock replenishment.  

Mobileezy - Consignment Module Invoice Overview
Mobileezy - Consignment Module Invoice Overview
Mobileezy - Consignment Module Invoice Items
Mobileezy - Consignment Module Counting
Mobileezy - Consignment Module Refilling
Mobileezy - Consignment Module Stock Adjustment
Mobileezy - Consignment Module Consignment Invoices

The Consignment Module provides a fully equipped solution for consignment businesses: making sales, undertaking stocktake, providing automatic invoicing, and processing stock replenishment in one procedure.

Track your stock left at consignment locations and automatically generate an invoice based on consigned and remaining stock.

Data is returned to the Mobileezy desktop via synchronisation for stock management and sales reporting. Sales data is then exported to your accounting system for GST compliance and further sales analysis.

The Consignment Module enables you to:

  • Easily keep track of consignment stock 
  • Know how much stock to refill upon invoicing
  • Track multiple inventory in warehouse, van and consignment locations
  • Manage transfer of goods from one location to another ensuring stock is tracked easily and accurately
  • Quickly and automatically identify stock loss
  • Ensure that all locations are adequately serviced with results of the unvisited reports
  • Optimise combinations of locations and products with sales performance reports to identify your best and worst selling locations and products.

The key benefits of the Consignment Module are:

  • Automate the invoice process once remaining stock is counted
  • Simplify stock reordering via sales reports
  • Review sales performances per item, location and employee
  • Maintain or offer special consignment pricing per location
  • Integrates with other modules

Mobileezy industry solutions will enable you to explore how the Consignment Module can assist you with your business in the vending industry.