Know exactly where your bottles or containers are at any given time. Reduce loss, improve accountability and secure the business intelligence needed to make more informed decisions about your containers and bottles.

Mobileezy - Container Tracking Module Sales Items
Mobileezy - Container Tracking Module Sales Items
Mobileezy - Container Tracking Recording Container Returns
Mobileezy - Container Tracking Setup
Mobileezy - Container Tracking Stock

For some sectors, the ability to track containers or bottles is pivotal to running a successful business as the containers can cost more than the contents being sold. 

The Container Tracking Module enables distributors to:

  • Assign different containers to different products in the Mobileezy Desktop
  • Automatically assign a container to a customer when products are sold
  • View the number of containers at customer's sites on handheld devices
  • Capture the number of returned containers during the normal sales process
  • Generate reports on how many containers are located at each customer site.

The key benefits of the Container Tracking module are:

  • Accurately track containers to mitigate losses and improve profitability
  • Gain business intelligence to make more informed decisions on missing or damaged containers on a customer-by-customer basis
  • Minimal changes to normal sales workflows (salespeople only need to enter the number of returned containers), which means there is a very limited impact on salesperson time or processes

Mobileezy industry solutions will enable you to explore how the Container Tracking Module can assist you with your business in the bottled water industry.