Data entry in the office just got a whole lot easier and quicker. The Desktop Order Entry Module takes workflows from our popular handheld software to the desktop in a simple, fast and feature-packed interface that makes it easier and quicker to enter phone, fax and email orders.

Mobileezy - DOES Transaction
Mobileezy - DOES Transaction List

The Desktop Order Entry Module is a dedicated desktop version of our Mobileezy sales application in a single interface. It offers internal staff the same functionality as our handheld solution, without the need for the handheld. It is compatible with MYOB, Reckon Accounts, Xero and other accounting systems - and provides additional auditing and editing capabilities.


The Desktop Order Entry Module enables you to:

  • Enter phone, fax and email sales transactions into a desktop application without using handhelds or your accounting system
  • Utilise Mobileezy unlimited pricing for transactions entered into the Desktop Order Entry Module
  • Review and edit sales transactions before synchronising to your accounting software
  • Assign transactions to individual sales people 
  • View stock on hand, accounts receivable data, add transaction comments, use barcode scanning, job tracking, head office accounts, sales territories, product territories and enter payments
  • Create, edit and manage sales transaction types and customer templates in the Desktop Order Entry Module

The key benefits of the Desktop Order Entry Module are:

  • Removes the need for order entry staff to access your accounting software, thus improving security
  • Includes full integration with the Mobileezy pricing engine - use unlimited pricing and promotional pricing on handhelds and desktop
  • Multi-user capable - can be deployed across many computers on the same network simultaneously
  • Auto-fill - a fast-fill feature that enables rapid data entry and makes finding items a simple excercise
  • Includes a customisable interface that enables you to remove unnecessary fields from view to simplify the sales process.

Mobileezy industry solutions will enable you to explore how the Desktop Order Entry Module can assist you with your business in the packaging industries.