Automate and speed up your van picking business whilst reducing errors. Orders will automatically create pick lists on the handheld when stock is retrieved from the van. Return the ordered stock to the customer and only invoice for stock picked. 

Mobileezy - Van Picking
Mobileezy - Van Picking Order
Mobileezy - Van Picking Order List
Mobileezy - Van Picking Pick List

The Van Picking Mode of Operation enables field staff to take an order request from a customer, return to the van to pick the order from the van stock, and immediately deliver the stock and invoice for the picked amount. 

  The Van Picking Mode of Operation enables distributors to:
  • Speed up van picking transactions with automated processes
  • Keep accurate automatic pick lists 
  • Ensure that items are not missed because transactions cannot be completed unless each item is marked as picked 
  • Invoice only for the actual amount picked regardless of the customer order request.

The Mobileezy Enterprise Solution and Warehouse Picking Module will be required for the Van Picking Mode of Operation to be configured for your solution.  

The key benefits of the Van Picking Mode of Operation are:
  • Order requests automatically become pick lists
  • Automating the process will streamline the picking procedure
  • Invoice only for stock that picked from the van
  • Reduce error from your van picking process
  • Improve staff productivity.