"Our company had been investigating various ways of electronically invoicing for some time before we came across Mobileezy. Right away, we were excited to find an off-the-shelf solution. We had been considering building some sort of ad-hoc system ourselves due to the perceived expense of buying software. I was also extremely concerned about the implementation time and expense.

After meeting with Mobileezy, we knew we had found ‘the one’. It was exactly what we needed: integrated, simple and priced within reach of a small business. The Mobileezy Enterprise version has everything we need.

I was impressed with the software and equipment from the start. With a little thought by us, and help from Mobileezy, it turned out to be an easy deployment. With state-of-the-art equipment, it had the ‘wow’ factor for our sales staff and we went up a few notches in the eyes of our customers too.

But that’s not the best bit…the design is extremely reliable! As any small business knows, IT issues are a hassle that are not needed. Mobileezy is up and going all the time. There is very little maintenance needed and little technical understanding required from our end. Support at Mobileezy is always available but seldom used.

We achieved our initial goals of reduced cycle-times and increased administrative and sales force efficiency. We also got a few side benefits including information on the sales process itself, which helps measure sales force effectiveness and it has allowed us to better manage our discounts in the field. In addition, it's replaced boring manual data entry and virtually eliminated errors. As I said, it has boosted our image in the eyes of the people who mean the most – our customers!

In short, I am delighted to recommend Mobileezy."

Operations Manager
Bruce Tomkins,
Software Resolution: