Step 1 Before updating, please ensure the Mobileezy application is running and synchronise your device. You must perform this crucial step to ensure all your data is backed up to the server before the upgrade. Verify the sync was performed successfully before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2 Select Exit from the dropdown menu in the Mobileezy software. This will close the Mobileezy application.

Step 2 of upgrade

Step 3 Then, click on the attached download file to update Mobileezy to the latest version. A cab file will be downloaded from the internet and installed to your device. Please follow the prompts to install the application successfully.

Step 4 After the installation process is complete, you should launch Mobileezy and select About from the Help menu in the Mobileezy application. The new version number should be shown.

Step 4 of upgrade


Your upgrade is now complete!