Mobileezy is a robust solution ideally suited to the sand, soil and waste industry. Each supplier has customers who depend on our software for accurate deliveries, collections, removals, regular supply of products, and for keeping track of regular orders, special prices, and run lists. Mobileezy is also able to track invoices and payments, and help keep a multitude of services running effectively. 


Your Problem

Manual order processing is time consuming and mistakes in accuracy can be costly.

To check to see if a driver has been on site, you need to go through piles of dockets to find a signed copy.

There is no power on the premises so hand-written dockets still have to be entered into the central system at a later stage.

Cash register sales have to be entered into the accounting system at a later stage.

Other systems running on consumer devices or mobile phones are easily damaged out in the field.

The distance between the quarry and office results in administrative issues.


Our Solution

The data entry step is removed with Mobileezy - sales are entered directly into the system by the operator in the quarry.

Mobileezy enables signature capture on an invoice to show when and where it was issued.

Mobileezy allows you to produce invoices/tickets from your handheld and all information can be sent directly to the office and MYOB.

Mobileezy point of sales proivdes a single point of entry, thereby replacing the cash register.

Mobileezy operates on rugged handheld devices, which are not affected by dust, rain or other hazards.

With Mobileezy, invoices are created on the handheld and then sent to the office using the 3G network.