In the Office

Mobileezy improves your business efficiency making hard work in the office a thing of the past.

Office staff will quickly complete business administration with Mobileezy, removing any existing error and delay concerns.

Wherever your business is conducted, sales orders can be processed quickly and easily.









Your Problem

Our Solution

Delays and errors occur when staff take paper-based phone and fax orders for re-entry into the computer system.

Mobileezy desktop interface allows orders to be entered directly into the computer, avoiding delays and errors.

Entering invoices manually and individually directly into the accounting system is slow and error-prone.

Mobileezy allows field staff to capture orders automatically.

Cash register sales have to be entered into the accounting system at a later stage.

Mobileezy point of sale provides a single point of entry, replacing the cash register.

Your accounting system restricts staff from entering invoices if the system is being used by others.

Mobileezy allows orders to be entered regardless of the accounting system user restrictions.

The accounting system does not offer multiple pricing levels, customer-specific pricing or special offers.

Mobileezy provides an independent powerful pricing model with unlimited levels, customer pricing and special offers regardless of your accounting system.

Pricing is based on manual books and calculations, resulting in errors and delays.

Mobileezy pricing is instantly updated on the handheld and available as orders are placed.

Providing staff with access to our accounting system increases the risk to our security and confidentiality policies.

Mobileezy allows you to control the levels of security for your accounting system.